The Haunted Lair

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: How many people can go through at once?

Answer: We will only allow groups of 6 or less through the house at a time. Our house is a personal experience and if more than 6 of you are going through you all won't get the full experience.


Question: Do children get in for free?

Answer: Children under 5 are free to get in. Children 6-12 are $7.00. Everyone 13 and over are $15 per person. 


Question: Do you recommend young children to enter?

Answer: We always answer this question like this. It is at your discretion. We have children who are under 5 who can go through and don't get to scared. Or children under 5 who come out crying but that's the same with any age. We have had adults not make it through. It is up to the parent/guardian of the child.


Question: Can anyone volunteer?

Answer: Most of our volunteers are high school students who do it for their community service hours for scholarships. We occasionally have others who just want to play for fun as well as people who need community service hours for other reasons. We also have had lots of parents of our volunteer students who come and participate as well. In the past year or two we have invited more adults to participate with the proper background checks for the safety of our students.

Question: If we get too scared can we ask for a refund?

Answer: If we scared you to the point of you not wanting to continue or even go inside the attraction than we did what you paid us to do. We donate to different non profits every year and since we are doing this to scare you we don't offer refunds. 

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